Friday, December 12, 2008


I decided that the best way to put the diverse parts of this project together would be a blog. While I was doing my movie review, I thought it would be authentic to the genre to put hyperlink in it, as I have seen on a lot of websites. This allows easier access to the sources. Hyperlink would look dumb on a printed page, so I needed another medium. I have a PowerPoint presentation as well. I didn’t just want to print it out either. If I had decided to do this blog sooner, I would have included more how-to posts describing my research process in more detail.

This project changed a lot from my original idea. Originally I wanted to do a syllabus for a college level biology course on human cloning and a science fiction story that correctly described the science of cloning. My audience was originally going to be college students with a little biology education. That actually seemed to stay constant.

When given the opportunity to present my project in front of the class, I decided to create an educational PowerPoint. Since I had gone to the trouble, and I liked the PowerPoint, I decided to use it as one of my genres. I had been having trouble with the science fiction story; creative writing is not my strong suit. I dropped it and went with the PowerPoint.

In the same fashion, I dropped the idea of a syllabus because I have no experience writing one. Also, any course dealing with human cloning would probably be too technical for the average college student, my audience. Somebody had suggested that I do a movie review. I brainstormed a list of movies that involve cloning, and The Island was the most recent movie that seemed to be popular.

I assumed that my audience would be IUP students who have had a little bit of biology instruction. They probably have heard about stem cells, and have a general idea what they are and what they do. They may know a bit about cloning, but some of it may be misinformation (probably spread by movies like The Island). I would then try to teach them more about the science of cloning. My newspaper article would help inform them about some newsworthy happenings in the field of cloning, while my PowerPoint and my movie review would clear up some misunderstandings about cloning.

This project has taken a long time to complete, but I have learned a lot about the subject of cloning, and the research process, from it. Hopefully anyone seeing this blog other than Dr. Getchell will learn from it too.

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